link_man (link_man) wrote,

I'm a lifeguard!

(This was in a draft for the last week or so, I dunno why it never got posted.)

I finally finished lifeguard training. The final test was a bit scary, since they just randomly give you a rescue buoy and have you watch the water, and see how you react to a 'real situation'. It's all good though, I passed and can work just about anywhere lifeguards do stuff. Anyway...

Now, the lifeguard class was held at a local business school, and on the wall to class i'd pass a most intriuging poster. Take a look for yourself:


Another reminder that you're better off at a 4 year college

I'm not sure about you, but doesn't this poster just make you want to drop everything, and sign up for this UBER Office Technology Degree?

Didn't think so.
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