Random thoughts...

My night:

- Program for 3 hours. Unable to figure out output formatting. Bang head on desk.
- Go walk downtown and run into people. Take a break for 3 hours.
- Program for 1 hour. Everything magically works.
- Turn in work only a few hours overdue.
- Profit!

I'm happy this got done before I go home for break.

Winter Break

Winter break has started; while I'm not that huge on the Christmas thing, I can finally have the time to do some more important activities, like:

- Draw every day
- Work on ignored projects*
- Be much more physically active

*Mostly my websites design, some programming work, and other small things.


I just got back today from Vermont, the trip went something like this:

- Get to bus at 3 PM, leave around 4.
Estimated bus time until we pull into Killington, VT: 9 hours

- Watch the British and Australian guys I'm sitting with drink, hilarity ensues.
- Get bored of this after about 4 hours and people pass out, fall asleep, etc.
- Get to Rutland, VT around 11:30, stop at a grocery store to buy beer and food.
- Grocery has one register open at 11:45PM, takes over an hour to check out all 150 people.
- Arrive at Killington, VT around 1:30
- Spend 3 hours getting 150 people checked in. It is now 4:30AM

- Sleep until 7:30AM, slopes open at 8.
- Get up on the mountain and break in all of my gear

Around this time some dumb Asian kid in the lift line decides to whack the back of my snowboard, leaving this nice gaper gash. This de-laminated part of the top sheet and is going to need epoxied after the end of the trip. GG =\

- Eat a frozen cliff bar. Mmm, chewy.
- Go off boxes and rails in the park. It felt cool. xD
- Go down a double black diamond run only to find the entire run is covered with 4ft moguls, and the best way to navigate this is to snowboard down the mountain like a surfboard, with all of your weight in the back. Was really unnerving but felt cool at the end O.o
- Mountain closed, go back to room, maintain gear, sleep.

Saturday night:
- Go to Darkside snowboard. Didn't see too much since I get my gear off the net mostly.
- Got food from this grocery store nearby. The people were really friendly.
- I either went to or missed some party, and I can't remember which. >.>
- Pass out around midnight

- Get up at 8 again, snowboard until 3
- By some miracle find the bus to take us back home. End up packing up gear and changing on the bus.
- In another small miracle we don't lose any of the 150 people brought along, even with the complete lack of communication during the entire trip.
- 9 hour bus ride back. On the way up we stopped at this rest stop that sells water in Flasks. I got a few. While the site says they're "fashionable canteens", I think PSU should start carrying this brand. It'd be really popular. >_>

Sometime around 1:30 AM....

After spending 8 hours on the bus basically asleep, we're one hour away from home when SMOKE starts filling up the back of our tour bus. After some cries of "OMG THE BUS IS ON FIRE!" we pulled over and evacuated the bus on the side of the road. It turned out some... thing in the back of the engine decided to catch on fire, and no one had any idea what the thing actually did in the engine.

One hour away from home, we had to sit and wait for another hour until they could send out another bus, with us finally getting home around 3:30 AM. I didn't actually get back until well after 4:30.

- Get up at 9
- Write the ENTIRETY of my CAS 100A speech, AND additional power point, today, in approximately 3 hours.
- Present speech at 3:30 PM
- Start working on Comp Sci stuff. I might need to take 121 again, again. Please kill me.
- I still don't know what freaking bear eggs are.

I'll link a post to some photos when I get more time.


A friend of mine posted a small puzzle earlier about a mysterious sign by the road, check it out:

I reject your reality and substitute it for my own!



- When converted to ASCII or Unicode, the results are gibberish, AND
- It's exactly 128 bits long, the same size as an MD5 Checksum.

I'm somewhat unfamiliar with cryptography still, so please correct me if any of the terminology is wrong.

Going along that line of thinking, you can convert almost any string of text into an MD5 checksum just using some simple tools available on the internet. There is even a giant hash table of MD5 strings that you can check the hashes against.

So, In short:

986f64b93005e03efc42a41ebd573179 = http://pbwiki.com/content/jobs

That URL does indeed hash to the MD5.

PbWiki is located not far from San Fransisco, in San Mateo, CA, so it's not that unreasonable to conclude that the sign actually is a job advertisement. =P

Or, I'm way off and this could be anything.


I just found out that my CAS 100A (Speech) lecture was canceled today. Let me quote the email:

"We will not be having class today (Sept. 3). I am not well and find myself without a voice."



I finally have my car, it's a 1998 Ford Escort SE. Not bad, really.

But, I was flipping through the manual, and found this in my cars maintenance manual:

on properly cleaning your vehicle -

"...to maintain the quality of your vehicles exterior, remove particles such as bird droppings, tree sap, insect remains, tar spots, road salt, and fallout immediately."

"...tar spots, road salt, and fallout..."

lol wut

What exactly is Ford trying to tell me; I mean, what kind of fallout? Like, nuclear fallout? Because, during a nuclear war, washing your vehicle is going to be so, so VITALLY important. Or, maybe, it's if someone falls out onto your car, and makes a bloody mess. Heck if I know.

Epic Plan

I guess the ITG machine's power cord at CMU is getting taken again. I came up with an awesome action plan for you guys, I think it'll really help you out:

(no subject)

- Since no one on the way down brought a map, we ended up using my GPS.
- The Hotel was alright, but literally EVERYTHING cost extra. Because internet was $10/day on the room bill, I am just now getting connected again.
- I hacked into a Marina's internet from across the harbor but it was giving me <1kbps external connections. Poopy.


- Got up at 5:30 and went to the convention center to get my badge. Because of my impeccable timing ability, we were close to the front; while the remainder of the line snaked around the building TWICE as people arrived.
- Discovered that fast food in Baltimore is now $10 a meal, for a few sandwiches and a drink. Was not amused.
- Walked around more, hit up the dealers room for swag.
- Ended up going to the Hentai Panel. It was a lot less 'erotic' as much as sexual, but definitely worth the hilarity. xD

I really wasn't tired friday night, so ended up walking around the hotel for awhile. Eventually I ended up walking Leo back to the bus stop to his hotel. We then found out on the way that the bus only ran once every HOUR, so he was better off staying at our hotel because Baltimore is shady and ghetto. I was pretty hungry by now (Hadn't eaten for like 16 hours) so we ended up looking for somewhere that was open. A guy in my Hotel earlier suggested this place called "Captain Jacks"; some seafood place not that far away. I checked this on my Phone and it was like .75 miles, so we decided to walk it.

Through the most ghetto section of Baltimore.

At 4:30 AM.

"Thank you for making the store very fresh" - Leo

While on the way we found an All-Night CVS, and hit it up. Inside we found one of the cashiers spraying air freshener in every aisle. When she finally finished and we were able to buy some stuff we grabbed, apparently this homeless who smelled like ASS was in there just 5 minutes before, and she was trying to get rid of it. But as we left he decided to come BACK, much to the displeasure of the cashier. xD

So after walking like 50 miles through the ghetto of Baltimore we finally get to the place known as "Captain Jacks" (Actually I think it was Captain James, but fuck that I'm calling it Captain Jacks), and some black dude with a girl was there. I dunno if it was his girlfriend or just some hooker he picked up; but they were eating soup. Not long later the chick decides to spill some of her soup on the floor (She still had like 3/4 of her soup left) and basically orders her homeboy to bitch until she gets more soup. The guy at the counter is all like "uhh we can't do that", and this goes on for like 15 minutes. Eventually they just get up and leave, but not before coming back THREE MORE times, to complain even more.

Eventually we were able to order some food and leave, but the cashier, an Arab guy about my age, was pretty cool. Apparently he normally doesn't work the night shift, and the normal guy called in sick. He gave us our drinks for free, so we probably were the only pleasant people he met that entire night.

- Saw real, live, Baltimore Sewer Rats. they're about 10 inches long, and a kind of black-grey with white speckles. Maybe 1d6 damage, 15hp?

- Walked around even more Saturday.
- Voracious numbers of furries did descend upon Otakon, for no verifiable reason.
- Went to a Video Game Design workshop, and it SUCKED. It started out as programming in C++, but then degraded into this crappy flash based game design workshop. Gay. And the guy running the workshop? About as charismatic as a rock, making programmers look even more anti-social then they already are. Which is a HARD, HARD thing to do.
- Ate dinner at this place which was like $30 a person. Phillip's Seafood Buffet has stunningly AMAZING food, but srsly 30$ each? wtf .:\
- Finally checked out the Artist's Alley. The 18+ section was disappointing, with me finding more racy art in the normal convention area then inside the special 'adult' section.
- Went and saw some movie panels with 7-10 friends. Much hilarity did ensue.

Blood, Gore + Sex: The Movie

< Putting Link Here soon as it's uploaded >

- Picked up a airsoft gun from a vendor, at a very nice price. They were sold out of "Otakon 2008" shirts though =(

I think that's about it, I'll probably edit this up over the next day or so; so consider this post a rough draft =P