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Stuff that happened today:

- Got totally owned due to pad issues at the ITG/DDR tournament. Basically, I practiced beforehand, and got a 94.8 on one pad. Then, during the competition, they had me use a different one, which didn't register half the time. So, I failed the song.


And yeah, Jason placed 1st place. He actually got a Trophy for it, cool shiznet.

- Played WarCrack (read- WoW) during the tournament, Since Jared had to play. I guess Paladins can stand in for other Paladins 100% of the time, even if they haven't played in 6 months (like in my case).

- Went to the Diner at 2:30 AM, in an attempt to clear my head a bit. This didn't go so well...

I've had a lot on my mind lately. Most of it's school related, with my grades this semester being beyond horrible to the point where I might have to repeat a few courses over the summer. It's not fun, since I entered college almost a year later then everyone I know, and it seem to be a perpetual game of 'catch up' with the rest of my peer group.

That said, most of what's on my mind is not knowing what's going to happen in regards to my future. I still haven't defined a major, and don't really see anything that I'm "destined" to do, so much as a lot of things I could merely tolerate doing, but never truly enjoy.

Save for a few extremely specific things, I really don't know what I want in life in terms of a Job. I can't see the future, even though that'd probably be the most helpful thing right now.

So... yeah.
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