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Status Report

I don't really have anything paragraph worthy to post, but here's a little list of things going on:

- I got sick, and got better. Tonsillitis for teh lose.

- I gained weight. I don't really LOOK fatter, so it's possible it's muscle (yay!) but... fat is bad. I guess I need to swim more?

- Otakon Trip might be a go after all.

- Math class didn't work out. Again. My parents kinda freaked out and are having me get professional tutoring now; so we'll see how that goes. It's also ALMOST totally screwed my college career, so um... yeah O.o

I was up the whole night screwing with my file server, getting swat working so I can configure samba better has been a pain. I've got a test for that tutoring thing in a few hours; so I guess I'll just stay up.

Even with some of those negative events having happened, things seem to be looking a lot better then they did a few months ago. *shrug*
Tags: :3, linass, linux, muscly, otakon, school, sick
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