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I just got back today from Vermont, the trip went something like this:

- Get to bus at 3 PM, leave around 4.
Estimated bus time until we pull into Killington, VT: 9 hours

- Watch the British and Australian guys I'm sitting with drink, hilarity ensues.
- Get bored of this after about 4 hours and people pass out, fall asleep, etc.
- Get to Rutland, VT around 11:30, stop at a grocery store to buy beer and food.
- Grocery has one register open at 11:45PM, takes over an hour to check out all 150 people.
- Arrive at Killington, VT around 1:30
- Spend 3 hours getting 150 people checked in. It is now 4:30AM

- Sleep until 7:30AM, slopes open at 8.
- Get up on the mountain and break in all of my gear

Around this time some dumb Asian kid in the lift line decides to whack the back of my snowboard, leaving this nice gaper gash. This de-laminated part of the top sheet and is going to need epoxied after the end of the trip. GG =\

- Eat a frozen cliff bar. Mmm, chewy.
- Go off boxes and rails in the park. It felt cool. xD
- Go down a double black diamond run only to find the entire run is covered with 4ft moguls, and the best way to navigate this is to snowboard down the mountain like a surfboard, with all of your weight in the back. Was really unnerving but felt cool at the end O.o
- Mountain closed, go back to room, maintain gear, sleep.

Saturday night:
- Go to Darkside snowboard. Didn't see too much since I get my gear off the net mostly.
- Got food from this grocery store nearby. The people were really friendly.
- I either went to or missed some party, and I can't remember which. >.>
- Pass out around midnight

- Get up at 8 again, snowboard until 3
- By some miracle find the bus to take us back home. End up packing up gear and changing on the bus.
- In another small miracle we don't lose any of the 150 people brought along, even with the complete lack of communication during the entire trip.
- 9 hour bus ride back. On the way up we stopped at this rest stop that sells water in Flasks. I got a few. While the site says they're "fashionable canteens", I think PSU should start carrying this brand. It'd be really popular. >_>

Sometime around 1:30 AM....

After spending 8 hours on the bus basically asleep, we're one hour away from home when SMOKE starts filling up the back of our tour bus. After some cries of "OMG THE BUS IS ON FIRE!" we pulled over and evacuated the bus on the side of the road. It turned out some... thing in the back of the engine decided to catch on fire, and no one had any idea what the thing actually did in the engine.

One hour away from home, we had to sit and wait for another hour until they could send out another bus, with us finally getting home around 3:30 AM. I didn't actually get back until well after 4:30.

- Get up at 9
- Write the ENTIRETY of my CAS 100A speech, AND additional power point, today, in approximately 3 hours.
- Present speech at 3:30 PM
- Start working on Comp Sci stuff. I might need to take 121 again, again. Please kill me.
- I still don't know what freaking bear eggs are.

I'll link a post to some photos when I get more time.

Tags: killington, ohshitthebusisonfire, snowboarding, vermont
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