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The Link_Man's Journal
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Friday, February 8th, 2008
10:17 am
I slept through Math for the 3rd time this week. This is bad; for a variety of reasons.

- Alarm was set for 9:00 AM. It's loud as fuck. I wake up a few minutes before It goes off most of the time.

- I went to bed earlyish (1:30-2)

So lets run some calculations here;

1 Week for being so sick that I don't remember 3/4 of it
1 Week of class that somehow, I don't make it there, even with an active effort to wake myself on time.

1 + 1 = OH SHIT LOL

To make this even better (As if it can't get any MOAR fucking awesome), I can't drop the course and take it over the summer, because I need it to take shit I'm signed up for next semester. So, yeah.


Current Mood: !?!!?
1:20 am
So, me being sick for the past week and a half has hurt my entire grades this semester, I think:

Math - I've got 2 quizzes tomorrow. I don't know what the fuck we're doing. GG?
Psych - Missed a Quiz
Econs - Missed a Quiz

I think I can get my econ and psych grades back a bit (Thank god for doctor notes), but it looks like this might end up a "B" semester if i'm lucky. even better is how apathetic I am towards everything, I don't even care if I get good grades or not.


Current Mood: Epic Fail?
Thursday, February 7th, 2008
2:16 am
I pwn
Today went something like this

- Wake up at 11 AM. Discover you slept through two classes.
- Skip Economics because econ sucks and I know all the shit already.

Yeah I know, Piss your pants AWESOME day. I'm over a week behind in both my math classes, and getting caught up is going to freaking suck balls. So I decide to go swimming later and try to take my mind off all of this stupid work, and in the middle of doing laps, this realization hits me;

I didn't have to stop. Once. I'd gone at least 30 laps nonstop.

25m x 30 = 750 m = 820y = HOLY SHIT MY STAMINA WENT UP!?!

I went from having to stop after 6 laps just 2 weeks ago, to being sick as FUCK for an entire week, to doing like 10x better then I normally do at swimming.

It's probably like running and just a mental thing, but its made me happy. :D

Current Mood: ^_^
Friday, February 1st, 2008
2:58 am
A Shitty Week
Alright, so last Saturday was scheduled to be the coolest fucking day EVER. Why? Because I was going to the first Anime con I've ever been to Setsucon. Adding even more to the ++Awesomeness that is a convention I was actually working there in the game room, helping run tournaments and keeping things running smoothly. The only thing not working right turned out to be me, as my body decides that NOW is a good time to get sick, after going almost 3 years without illness.

let me give you a list of things that happened:

Friday / Saturday:

Things went REALLY well. I thought running a tournament would be hard as fuck but it's pretty cool once you get past that initial awkward phase of doing something new.


I wake up, only to discover;

- I'm stuffed up
- I''ve got a FUCKING SORE throat, and almost lost my voice entirely
- My neck is swollen
- And that my left ear has decided to hurt too (just because it can?)

I end up chugging cold meds, but don't make it to the con until about 5:30. Take down went okay, and going to Denny's with the entire staff made up for me being sick a bit, but I wasn't feeling better.

Monday - Thur:

I'm not getting better (Does my immune system suck that much?), and still feel like shit. The Doctor looked at me on Monday, just to steal my bloods ( D: ) and tell me I have some viral thing, but couldn't give me anything for it. So I'm stuck at home, missing classes (Which is cool, like I give a fuck about econ).

SOO, Basically;

- I'm 2 (3?) days behind in Maths
- I need 2 days of notes for CMPSC 121. I'm also two chapters behind.
- Econ and Psych I'm ahead on still.

This weekend might fuck me, I'm estimating at LEAST 8 hours of work to get caught up.

*On a completely unrelated note, I now weigh ~173 lbs. 16 more pounds and I'll have reached my 'ideal' weight! =O. the only problem then is reducing body fat to <5%

Current Mood: WTF
Friday, January 25th, 2008
12:45 am
Snowboarding is ftw
Thursday is by far my favorite day. I've only got one class (With Mad Max / Jumba, the coolest programming professor EV4R). Which makes the day awesome, but I also get to snowboard.

Epic Win.

Today was the first up on Tussey, apparently i've got some level of natural ability at it, so I ended up instead of level 2, in the level 3 group (There's 5 levels, 1 is "I cant stand on my board" and 5 is "I can grind a rail 50ft long")

It was pretty sweet, I've gone snowboarding like 3 times and already doing intermediate level stuff. I'm kinda hoping we get more into tricking soon, since it looks like we've already done a lot of what Sean (cool instructor) was going to go over.

This semester might pwn my face though... I need mah A's and B's.
Wednesday, January 16th, 2008
7:27 pm
Omg College
Here's my Classes this semester:

MWF it's 22/psych, a break, then econs/26
TR it's just CMPSC 121, with the seminair thrown in on Tuesday

- Math 22:

I might actually get an A in here with some effort, it's not that difficult. The TA is from Scandinavian descent (Van Cyr!), and kinda short too, so are Dwarves teaching me math?

- Math 26:

Two Words. UTTER HELL.
The TA is from Ukraine (sic: Soviet Russia), so not only can you not understand him 50% of the time, but he doesn't explain what we're doing worth SHIT. I also like how the book suggests you spend TWO HOURS studying outside of class for every hour in class. What the fuck. =(

- CMPSC 121:

Some weird things have happened in here, but it's going to be the best class of this semester I think. We're doing a Tetris game as a final project. Let me list what's going on in here.

- I got the Professor to change the C++ book.
- I ended up as a "Team Leader", and get to coordinate 5 people on this Tetris project.
- There's this girl in there who looks a little like Angelina Jolie, and she ended up in my group of people. What's a girl like that doing in programming?

- Psych 100:

savior_dark is in this one with me. This Professor is like a fatter version of Sarah Silverman ( quoting him on this), almost down to the weird sense of humor. we have to do these weird surveys for 8 hours of credit as well, last nights had questions like;

"If you have ever beat your partner in a relationship, how many times have you done this?"

Do they really expect accurate results with this?

- Macro Econs:
Work has a difficulty level of 0. I should get a B without trying, and trying would snag an A =O

- Seminar Class:

No real work here. More of a logic training course then anything.

- Snowboarding

Snowboarding for gym is ftw.

And that's about it.

Current Mood: lol
6:45 pm
ITG Machine Update
Along with the Star, the machine's had some "upgrades" performed on it.

- Re-taped, and re-tightened bars

- UBER upgraded P2 pad. Along with being raised, sensitivity is up as well (and doing stuff like BSing hands should be a lot easier.)

Also check out the new softer "thump" sound when you stop an arrow.

Current Mood: accomplished
6:40 pm

Friday, January 4th, 2008
1:28 am
Random Adventure
I drove to Altoona...

Alright, so basically I was driving home after getting the rest of my snowboarding gear, but missed my exit on the way home (It was dark). So, I'm driving, and looking for somewhere to turn around, but there's construction everywhere, so I was stuck going one way.

So I end up driving straight for 30 minutes, and end up in Altoona. Because I know there used to be an ITG machine in the mall there, I checked it out, but the mall fags took out the arcade a loong time ago. =\

Edit: It turns out Slinky Action Zone (With ITG) was 5 minutes from the mall (where I was). GG =(

So, then I realize "Oh shii it's late!" and end up doing like 90 on the way home, with people still going past me on the road O_o.

Anyway I've gotta get up around 7 tomorrow so gonna cut this off here.
Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008
5:25 pm
I finally finished getting Ubuntu/Kubuntu installed. They (Family) seem to like it, basically so long as Firefox works and you can check email.
8:20 am
In progress to upgrading from 6.06 LTS to Ubuntu 7.10, I apparently killed the wireless at 6.1.... This would be easy to fix, save for the fact, I need to get packages from the internet to enable internet access on the computer having it's OS switched. So the easiest way to fix this is actually just download a full 7.1 ISO onto a live CD and go from there. So now as I write this another 700 Mb is getting downloaded of ISO goodness (25% as I write this, fucking awesome), just for me to burn to a disc, wipe the computer clean again, and install 7.10.

Theory: The computer wasn't meant to work well (It's a Celeron, after all), and some type of compressed store of troubleshooting pain was unleashed by my installation of Linux... the Linux installer triggered this "trap" and and years of pain were unleashed by said cache of unholy energy. =O

Current Mood: Shitty
4:36 am
A step in the right direction
The computer downstairs now runs Kubuntu 7.1! This pleases me, since with the change from Windows to XP to Linux (AND the fact it's a Celeron) the performance difference is noticeable.

So, now two computers here run Linux. This refurbished one, and the file server. =D

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, January 1st, 2008
10:56 pm
No Life
I know I haven't posted much, so I plan to make that a New Year's resolution of sorts - to post in here at least once a week with whats not (or what is) happening to me. :P

I've only got 2 weeks left in break, so I don't want to waste the little time off I have. This means Drawing / Hanging Out / Doing Stuff like a mofo. So, here's "The List"

- Draw, finish, and fully color with Photoshop at least 2 more images
- Get my Linux server online, fully
- Go Snowboarding, a lot
- Generally have fun
- Hang out with mah niggaz
- Get Better at Dancing Games: AAA something on a DDR machine and Get a Star or better on any song in ITG.*
- Find out how much it would cost to setup a small website.**

*   I really hate sucking at this, so it's going to get worked on. A lot.
** This costs money every month, about the cost of a WoW subscription. I'm not sure if I want to carry that yet.
Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
9:10 pm
Someone just made a BIG mistake.
Not long ago zetorux told me about an ongoing problem he's been having at CMU, apparently some fool has been stealing the power cable from the back of their ITG machine. Multiple times. The first time he told me it was actually somewhat funny, but 3 power cords later it's evoking the anger of a great many people. I feel bad for the CMU people, but figured it was just one guy being a douche.

Until today.

I bombed a math test, and went to go play ITG. Only to find the machine off.

The corner pocket people sometimes unplug it to reduce noise during tournaments. No big deal I think to myself, I'll plug it back in.

No Cord.

I'm making a LOT of assumptions but it almost looks like that someone who reads zetorux 's Journal (or AIJ) has done the same at PSU like they were at CMU.

Let me put it this way;

If and when I find out who did it, and unless you have a freaking GOOD reason (Read: none) for taking it, expect an intimate relationship between the curb and your head.

Oh, and I bombed a math test again, adding to the unhappiness. Freaking AWESOME day this is turning out as. And yeah, I'm stealing this idea from Phil.

Current Mood: irritated
Thursday, November 8th, 2007
12:52 am
The first time I wrote this, it was wordy, dry, and sucked. Basically it comes down to this:

I'm not sure what I want to do at PSU yet, and slowly running out of time to figure out what degree to major in.

I didn't expect this to be a hard decision. I've always liked making things, and Engineering seemed like a natural extension of that. From time to time i'll get an idea of something to make, and just roll with it until something cool comes out. And so, had you asked me 5 years ago "What I wanted to be when I grew up", I would have said an Electrical or Computer Engineer. The things I did for fun also gravitated towards engineering as well, I ended up with this random collection of test equipment and repair gear.

If you go off of my past inclinations, you could easily say "Yeah, he's going to become an engineer". And in fact, that's still one thing at the top of my list of majors to do. But it's not going to make me happy.

Do I hear someone saying "But why? It suits you really well!"

I can somewhat envision how my life would go if I went through with engineering. College would be fun, and learn a lot about something I've always been interested in. Perhaps even make or do something that would make me a great deal of money, and I'd be able to have almost anything I wanted.

Great from a worldly standpoint, but:

When I look back at that, say 10 years from now, I'm going to say "Wow, I just wasted a lot of time doing something that kinda sucked." The kind of job where you spend time in meetings climbing the corporate ladder, or working in a cubical for 30 hours a week just doesn't work for me. Easily I could tell you what I'd like to see in my life, but I don't know how to get there, or where to start.

So here's a question to everyone. Dig up a picture of me off of Facebook, or wherever, and ask yourself:

"What kind of job do you see that guy doing?"

Tell me what you see.

Current Mood: meh
Monday, October 29th, 2007
3:26 am
The dangers of jogging in the dark
As some of you might know, I go jogging almost every day (Well, night. 10-11PM ish. it's the only free time I really have to go running) It's a simple 5 mile run around the bike path near my parents house. It would have been another quiet run, except when I finally get down by the high school I see this large dog in the middle of the path, alone...

Growling. At ME.

In only a few seconds, all of this went through my mind, and happened:

"Oh, SHIT. A feral dog."
"How can I take on a dog? Kick it? I guess I could dodge if it jumps at me and punch it, or something"
"Make the dog think you're something a hell of a lot nastier then it is, and maybe it'll run away"


I charge the dog, expecting it to start running at me in a fit of rabid hunger.

The roar echoed off the trees nearby, amplifying the sound to the point where people nearby turned their outside lights on to see what was going on. For a moment it seemed like some sort of video game.

The dog flinched and backed up a little

*Random scream*

Revealing one seriously scared man who had simply been walking his dog. And for some reason wore all black, and had no flashlight. I feel a little guilty since the dude seemed pretty shaken up, but if you're wearing all black, standing off the path and in the shadows, and only see what looks to be a feral dog, what would you do? If anything he seemed more to be a mugger wanna-be then a guy walking his dog. =P
Sunday, October 28th, 2007
4:16 am
It's been awhile since I've posted, I'll try to keep this bi-weekly at the latest. Been busy as all hell, with midterms and hanging out with people taking up the majority of my time. But, as I went to the PSU game today (Ohio, PSU lost), I have some more fun football stuffz to share.

- 15 rows behind us, someone taken away by the cops. Again. I don't know if he was drunk, or just wanted, but 10 campus police took him away.

- These two old guys in front of us started randomly fighting. One doesn't sit, once cant see, both start going at it. But I guess being old means you can't start shit that well anymore, since after about 5 minutes of "WHAT YOU GONNA DO OLD MAN??", and then not long after, they both were like "If I was 10 years younger, I'd kick your ass". lulz.

Also check out my new facebook album. More pic's should be on the way soon, hopefully with a better camera. As you can see the ITG machine has had it's first routine maintenance, with some awesome gritty prizes found inside.
Saturday, October 13th, 2007
4:24 am
Random happiness
Pretty much what it sounds like, I'm wired right now for no apparent reason and feel ultra-happy. About nothing. If anything, things are somewhat crummy right now (for instance, my student aid apparently got canceled by accident. GG Penn State).

So um... on top of me getting like 4 hours a day of sleep this entire week, why Can't I sleep now that I want to? -_-

Current Mood: lawls
Friday, October 12th, 2007
7:19 pm
One left
You know, the professors at PSU must hate students, putting all of the midterms on the same week, I mean do they have these back room discussions where they plot together? I've only got one to go though, and to my luck it's actually next week. This is good since I suck at math, and seriously need the time to study.

If I cared enough to study anyway. I just want to spend the weekend sleeping. =\

Current Mood: Emo
Friday, September 28th, 2007
1:31 am
Today was pretty crazy, I spent most of the day hanging out with some DDR friends at PSU.

Quick list™:

- Watched yet ANOTHER movie in Archeology. The professor (Milner? I think) is in another country. This time it was something the TA's dug up, about some French ship wreck.
- Hung out with Janel and her roommates. Fun!
- Ate dinner with Janel
- Got a free T-Shirt for "North Dorms 2007". Yet I don't live in a dorm. (Yet)
- ITG is god

Then came home, talked to a few people online, jogged, and wrote this. Overall I think things went well, save for a few minor things. Keith, don't take half the shit I say seriously.

Current Mood: happy
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